Good Reads

These some of my favorite blogs.  They are just awesome.  I look forward to reading them each day…

For Crafting:  Kimbo is so creative…and hilarious!  I love her ideas.  She’s real.  I love that.  She works magic with her glue gun!  I love how she “recycles” things into something completely fresh and awesome!  Char has so many great ideas.  She is one busy lady with 4 children!  She is awesome at taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordianry!  Heather used Dollar Store finds to make fantastic crafts!  You won’t believe what you can do for just a few dollars.  Wonderful decorating and craft ideas!   The Dollar Stores are my favorite!  Amy is the authority on Mod Podge!  No kidding!  Anything ModPodge…she knows!  She has super crafting ideas, and uses/techniques for modpodging you’ve never thought of!  I love her colorful blog.  Awesome!

For Organization:  Laura is the best.  For organization…she’s the one and only!  This was the very first blog I followed.  She’s full of fantastic ideas and encouragement.  If you need help with getting your house in order, you need to read this blog.  You’ll fall in love with containers! 

For Inspiration:

http.//  I wasn’t sure which category to list this blog under.  I should have and “All of the Above”!  🙂   Stacy is so talented!  She is currently featured in Better Homes and Gardens because of her awesome decorating…beautiful!  She is inspiring and proud to be a stay-at-home Momma.  So many tips and ideas…You will love  this blog!  Kat is an inspiration!  She is dedicated to helping Moms become even better!  She shares her own hardships and weaknesses and encourages with Scripture, advice and example.  Her videos are great!  Cheryl helps us strive to be better Moms…with God’s help!  She is honest…and straight forward!  I love that!  Her blog is about raising a family, housekeeping, cooking, and all the things involved in being a stay-at-home Mom.  Also homeschooling!  Super blog! 

For Financial Advice:  Trent is a young guy who offers wonderful advice on getting a grip on your finances.  He’s been through the hard stuff…and learned the hard way how to get things, and keep his life in order.  More than just money talk…he offers advice on living a fulfulling life by being a better person.  A fit, healthy person, mentally and physically.  This blog is definitely inspiring.  Very helpful.  A good way to begin your day!

For Cooking, Crafting, Farming, and just plain Fun:   Oh my goodness.  I love this blog!  Suzanne is fantastic!  She gave up city life and romance novel writing…and moved to the country and started farming!  She writes various articles and this wonderful blog.  Her pictures are awesome!  You get to know her, her family, and her critters!  She shares recipes, crafting advice, cheese making, etc., and best of all…her farming adventures!  You’ll fall in love with Chickens In The Road! 



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