Marci 101

1.  My name is Marci…with an I. 

2.  My middle name is Don, after my grandpa.

3.  My favorite color is pink.

4.  I like to write my name on everything.

5.  I have 3 dogs in my house.

6.  Warm weather is my favorite.

7.  I wish I lived near the ocean.

8.  Circus Peanuts make me puke.

9.  I almost drowned as a kid…but my brother saved my life.

10.  I have one brother.

11.  I love Paul Newman. 

12.  I drink chocolate milk everyday.

13.  I like to write poetry.

14.  I can play the piano.

15.  I was Homecoming Queen when I was in High School.

16.  I’ve been married twice.

17.  I hate mice and rats, except for Stewart Little and Jerry.

18.  Greasy foods usually make me sick.

19.  I adore Wild Sweet Williams. 

20.  Summer is my favorite season.

21.  My Great-Grandfather was a Moonshine Bootlegger.

22.  My Great-Grandmother smoked a pipe.  I wish I could’ve met her. 

23.  My Grandfather fought in WWII.

24.  I heard him crying out in his dreams when I stayed the night at his house.  He suffered from post-traumatic stress for 50 years.

25.  He ended his life when I was 24.

26.  Most of the men in my family were coal miners.

27.  I had a stay-at-home mom.

28.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom.

29.  I have 2 teenagers.  🙂 

30.  I didn’t finish college.

31.  My major was Elementary Education

32.  I’ve homeschooled my children.

33.  I love to go camping.

34.  I love to crochet.

35.  My birthday is in June.

36.  I wish Christmas wasn’t so commercialized.

37.  I wish I had dimples…that weren’t on my legs.  😦

38.  I like to watch storms.

39.  I hate horror movies.

40.  Weird people are drawn to me.

41.  I’m having a hard time with my children growing up.

42.  I’m married to a wonderful guy who is my very best friend. 

43.  My first marriage was a crazy mess.  We were immature, selfish, and mean. 

44.  I don’t like self-centered people.

45.  I don’t like bullies.

46.  I think snobby people are jerks.

47.  I love to read.

48.  I have an obsession with crossword puzzles

49.  I’m scared of heights.

50.  Speaking of height…I’m 5’4″.

51.  I got up at like 4 am when I was 11 years old to watch Charles and Diana’s Royal Wedding.  I ate rainbow sherbet while I was watching. 

52.  Sometimes I avoid people I really like, because I don’t want to talk. 

53.  I like McDonalds.

54.  I wish my children could be little again…for just a day.  I’d love to hold them, and rock them to sleep.  I miss that.

55.  I skipped one day of high school and went to the mall with a friend.  My Mom knew it by the time I got home.  Trust me…I never did it again. 

56.  I’ve always hated my freckles. 

57.  I love baths.

58.  I grind my teeth at night.

59.  I loved Laverne and Shirley. 

60.  I ate cat food once.  To get into a club.  It was me, my neighbor and her sister.  Dumb…very dumb. 

61.  I don’t like putting laundry away.

62.  I don’t like cantaloupe.

63.  I love black coffee.

64.  I have Fibromyalgia.

65.  I’m a book hoarder.

66.  I’ve never had a broken bone.

67.  I love Tom Bodett’s books.  (The guy for Motel 6…”We’ll leave the light on for ya”.)  He’s a wonderful author! 

68.  I’m obsessed with leaving notes for myself. 

69.  I stick post-it notes on the dash in my car.

70.  I love to work in my flower beds. 

71.  Working outside is therapy for me.

72.  I recently met a man who thinks he’s from another planet.  I’m dead serious.  He was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to. 

73.  I think pawpaws are disgusting.  Have you ever eaten one?  Do you know what a pawpaw is? 

74.  I love wild mushrooms.  Fried in butter.  Breaded with flour.  Yum.  🙂

75.  I worry about my kids so much.  Sometimes I make up things to worry about.

76.  I want to draw closer to God. 

77.  I call my grandparents Mim and Pap.  Do you have special names for yours?

78.  Once, when I was a little girl…we went on vacation to an amusement park.  As soon as we got into the hotel…I puked in the air conditioner in our room.  🙂  True Story.  🙂

79.  I loved playing office and news reporter as a child. 

80.  I used to hide behind the couch at my grandparents house, and tape record their conversations.  It was even better when they had company!  Is that a felony or something?  🙂

81.  I loved the Sunshine Family!  The dolls were so cute!  Do you remember those?

82.  I refuse to use any crayons that are not Crayola!

83.  This will be the first year that we will have an artificial Christmas tree. 

84.  I LOVE office supplies! 

85.  As far as red meat, we only eat venison.  We’ve lived on it for the last 5 years. 

86.  One of my favorite things is to work outside…get a little hungry…walk over to the garden and pick a ripe tomato…warm from the sun…and eat it like an apple.  🙂  Oohh…makes me happy just to think about it.  🙂

87.  I’d love to have a farm. 

88.  I love horseback riding. 

89.  I have 3 Aunts who have beaten breast cancer.  ❤

90.  I went to college to be a teacher.  I dropped out after 3 years.  I’ve just never felt the need to go back. 

91.  My brother practiced law as a defense attorney for about 22 years.  He gave it up…to become a full-time minister.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s an amazing person.  <3. 

93.  My parents married when they were 17.  In a couple years…they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! 

94.  I would love to buy an RV and travel the country. 

95.  Before I die, I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park.  Hint, Hint, Dear Husband of mine!!  🙂

96.  I’ve never been to a spa…but I’d love to go!

97.  I use indoor tanning beds…even though I know it’s bad.  😦

98.  I drink Diet Coke everyday. 

99.  My first job…aside from babysitting…was as a cashier at the local IGA. 

100.  I had my hair bleached blonde one time.  It was horrifying.  My head looked like a sunflower.  🙂

101.  I turned forty years old last year.  My mind says, “No way!”…then I look in the mirror.  Curse you mirror!!  :/

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