McDonald’s and Our Future…

So I’m sitting all by myself at Mickey D’s…and a young couple sits down just a couple chairs away.  The guy has on sunlasses with the mirrored lenses, and seemed WAY relaxed…if you know what I mean…so I was kind of weirded out.  The girl comes  back with all the food and then…

He broke out into this great discourse about the price of food nowadays.  (He kept the glasses on).

He was like, “I think that someday there will only be McDonald’s and WalMart.”

He said that you’d have to start going to the bank to take out a loan just to be able eat.  The guy at the bank would ask what you need the loan for, and you’d say, “for lunch!”.

He said that if people wanted to go out for a fancy dinner, there’d only be McDonald’s…so people would be there in suits and evening gowns…then the “Hamburglar” would run through.  🙂

At that point, I almost lost it.

He and his girlfriend both cracked up.

It was so funny to listen to his view of our current financial state.  No grumbling, no bitterness.  Might as well make it comical.

For that little bit…I forgot about bills, and collection agencies…and smiled.

Thanks kid…

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