The Party Line

I can’t help it.  I inherited it from my father.  My Aunt is the same way, and so was my Grandmother.  We like to “observe”.  It’s a gift of “listening” and “watching”.  It’s a game of figuring out what is happening in someones else’s world.  No butting in or asking questions.  Kind of like listening in on the old “party lines”.  My great-grandmother (on my mother’s side) would listen in quietly on other people’s conversations on the phone.

Well…she was quiet…until they said something wrong…then she corrected them.  🙂

I love that.

I love to sit in a restaurant and just watch and listen to people.  I do it at the mall too.  Just watching all the different types of people of all ages walk by.  I could do it for hours.  I’ve heard some interesting stories.  I’ve heard some heartbreaking things.  I’ve almost cracked up listening to some of them.  Just like today.  At McDonald’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not like the person you know who wants to know every dirty secret about everyone in town.  I know someone like that.  If she finds out that someone’s husband left them, or their child was suspended from school, or they got a speeding ticket…she’ll call everyone she knows to find out the dirt.  If she can’t find out from others…she eventually will call the person it has happened to and ask them personally.   Remember from “Music Man”…pick a little, pick a little?? Yeah, that’s just not nice.

My daughter, in "Music Man"

(That’s my daughter as “Miss Marion” in her school’s production of “Music Man”)  🙂

But I’m nice…atleast, I try to be.   And it’s interesting being an observer and a listener…think of it as a study of human behavior and relationships.

We all need to be more aware of life around us.  A greater understanding of our fellow man.  Happiness, sarcasm, humor, pain.  “They” are “us”.  Watch and listen.  Learn something.

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