Over the past week or so…I’ve been shoved, knocked down, and trampled on…metaphorically.  No one touched my body…just my psyche…and it’s been rough.  Stressors of the mind leave me feeling beaten down…tired…like I’ve got the flu.  It’s all part of the life-sucking force that is Fibromyalgia.  I’m sure people are sick of hearing about it.  Sick of us “crying” about this “invisible” illness.  I get that.  It’s not easy to believe…until you’ve lived with it.  Countless doctors, tests, x-rays…all coming back with nothing to show for your symptoms…or what you believe could be an injury.  It’s frustrating.  You know what you feel…but there’s no proof.  Scientists are finding more and more about fibro.  The future may hold blood testing and spinal fluid testing to prove we aren’t making all this up.  Until then…


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